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Refrigerator inverter compressor

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I am asking for education on refrigerator inverted compressors since I am slow on refrigerator diagnostics.   I have great feedback on a recent refrigerator diagnostic of a 'normal compressor with problems & I read gained some more insight from a most recent topic of hot compressor. 


The who, what, why, & how & especially how to perform diagnostics & tools used in diagnostics of low performing & failed components of these systems.

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Inverter compressors are variable speed compressors. In other words, they go faster and slower depending on need. They don't fail as often and usually the problem will be with the inverter board.

couple of things to remember

#1 do not introduce 120vac directly to the compressor, no hard starts etc otherwise you probably will destroy the compressor

#2 the ohm test is different... usually the same reading on all three pins but some Samsung fridges are slightly different

#3 the inverter board only receives instructions from the mainboard telling it how fast and when the compressor should run but the power comes directly from the main power supply line

#4 basically you check voltage to the board, continuity of the wires from the mainboard to the inverter board and from inverter to compressor. You check to see if the mainboard is sending signals to the inverter and that the inverter is sending power to the compressor. Some manuals will tell you what readings to expect based on whether lines are connected or disconnected so you gotta pay attention.

here is some good reading and some diagnostic info

If i missed anything it's because I'm still learning them as well.

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