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GE Refrigerator Model #PFCS1NFZASS

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This customer complained that her temp displays were all over the place.


Though, food in freezer was frozen OK.


I changed the computer board on back, which was not the usual one as this refrigerator has

a variable speed compressor.


I also changed both sensors.


Now customer is calling and saying the display is stable, but the freezer never gets below

13 degrees. Sometimes up to 20, but never below 13.


So, now I'm wondering if this was a different problem, maybe with the compressor that did not

show up because the display was going wild and everything seemed to be freezing OK.


Maybe the coils need a good clean.


Anyone seen this before??




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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

which thermistors did you change? Did you test them all?

Fan motors working ok?

evap frost pattern okay? You may have to warm it a bit then see if the entire evap gets frosty again (put evap cover back on so frost will appear or use ir thermometer and take temps up and down evap) as sometimes residual frost covering the top 1/4 of the evap may make you think evap is fine. I call it "head fake frost."

If everything else checks out then you may have a problem with your user interface or its connection.

I must admit GE models that begin with "p" seem to have a lot of sealed system problems. At least the ones I have worked on.

btw make sure the door switch is working properly. It not only can result in a light bulb staying on but will interfere with evap fan speed.

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