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Akira Hora

I'm not sure which part of my wachine machine is broken

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My Washing Machine is a Panasonic Panasonic NA-W55R6. Anyway,
So yeah it'sl ike 10 years old t it has been used only this year, my uncle bought it last 2003 I think.

Anyway, at first it was fine, then one time it kept stopping at around 8 minutes when I always set it to 15 minutes wash. It was a bit fine for me since everything seems alright, the spin is normal aside from it stoping at 8 mins and I guess the 7 of 15 mins counts as just letting it stand by before I drain it.

Today i tried turning it to 45 minutes which made it click a little. But then It was fine. It was turning back and forth until I drained it and filled it up with water and fabric conditioner and set it to 15 minutes. here is the thing the machine would turn for a continous one direction, and I don't think the timer is counting down too. If I try to stop it and time it up again it goes into the continous other direction and if i i try again it goes to the first direction then try back to the other direction.

So Yeah I was thinking it was the Dogs but it seems it was fine since it was turning on both directions.

I was suspecting the timer, cause:
1. It didn't seem to count down, I didn't hear the clicking sound int it.
2. It would work on some Spin areas of the timer's label but not on some.
3. When I turn it I didn't feel any force, unlike in my dryer's timer, it would give me enough force to know that the spring int it is working.

Anyway I'm no Washing Machine technician so I would like to know your thoughts and advice on this.

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