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Fagor LFA-086XL not heating

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I have a Fagor LFA-086XL dishwasher that has had a heater failure.


Using the handy error code cheat sheet taped inside the kickplate, the error code show by the blinking LEDs is:


"Water heating malfunction"

"The water is not heated or is incorrectly heated. Repeat the Washing program."


Studying the Schematic (also found taped behind the kick plate) I see a resistive heater  with a 98° thermostat protected by a 206° fuse (I assume this is degrees C) 


There are a couple of relays controlled by the main control board that have to close to energize the heater.


The heater is not visible by looking into the dishwasher. It's not one of those bare loops at the bottom of the tub supported on standoffs that I burn my forearms on when I  lean too far in when trying to figure out what's wrong this time. 

I assume it's inside a tube in the main wash pump plumbing circuit.


So far, I have found no parts supplier for this model (Fagor LFA-086XL) and no service manuals.






George Redinger



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