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Samsung F/L Washer WF419AAW loud noise/hum on startup

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Dear Forum,


Anyone know what might be causing a low frequency loud hum on a Samsung front loading washer (WF419AAW) that occurs upon start up for a few seconds and then on and off for 3-5 seconds during the remaining washing cycle.  I don’t think it’s a bearing/bushing that’s failing because the noise is not high pitched that match the sounds I found on-line, but I could be wrong.  Also, the noise starts as soon as the wash cycle start button is pressed, and NOT when the drum starts to turn.  The noise does not appear to be tied to when the drum is turning.  Other than this noise, the washer does a fine job of washing and NO error codes appear.


I’ve checked the drum and it is NOT loose (i.e. no play between the drum and the housing).

I’ve cleaned the debris filter in the front of the washer.

I’ve cleaned the inlet filters where the hot and cold lines connect to the washer in the back.

The outlet drain is clear.


Any ideas?

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Need the full BOM number-- that's the one with the "/XAA" or something similar after it.

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The full Model Number: WF419AAW/XAA 02

Serial number: WOBH54AZ402633P


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