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rob ferguson

frigidaire front load washer mod#gltf2940fs2

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washer spin's fine when empty, but will only tumble back and forth with clothe's in it no spin

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Do you have the tech sheet is the first question back to you.  the tech sheet will give you instructions on how to enter into diagnostic mode to pull fault codes.


Are you starting the washer and starting from the wash cycle, then it drains but wont spin?


What I am suspecting is it is not draining all the way down,  You have what we call guck-os in your water pump filter, or you may have a weak pump that is not getting the water level all the way down, and yes having clothes in it will make a diffrence of how sensitive the water sensor detects the level that is still in the tube bottom.  You wont see the water in the inner tube, but there is water in the outer tub.


Getting to the codes is the best way to find out what the machine is trying to tell you.


You will need to sign up under the free apprentice program, trial if you dont have the tech sheet.  It is well worth the effort to follow the steps to the free way.  Look for subscriptions to this site.


Your model appears to have a bottom front panel, remove this panel, should be two or three screws, probally t-20 torque head,  you will see the pump, and the front will have a knob that you can screw out,  YOU will want to have a wet vac handy, or have unit in a place where you wont make a mess.


The tech sheet may be under this panel on the left side, if not it may be under top cover.  For a general diagram go to sears parts direct and type in your model number.  I have yet to buy my parts from them, they are higher priced but they have good diagrams, and part numbers.  Hope this helps you get under way.

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Check the drum support springs and shocks.  If they're intact and holding then...


Measure the resistance of the three motor windings and the motor tack.  See the wiring diagram inside the washer.  Motor windings should all have the same resistance, don't worry about the exact value.  Tack should be around 155 ohms-- it's called out on the tech sheet.  


If the motor checks good, replace the speed control board cuz that's all that's left:

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