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Whirlpool Duet Steam (WFW9500TW01) F71/F01 frustration

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Sorry this may be a long one..... I am hoping all the info will help the diagnosis.


The adventure started about 2 weeks ago.

1. Whirlpool Duet steam washer (WFW9500tw01) stopped and showed F71 error. After much reading here (the drum did rotate so) I replaced User Interface (UI). Then got some various F71 F70 errors and left unit unplugged for over a week before I could get back to it. (frustration is a great reinforcement for procrastination)



2. Plugged unit back in and got no immediate error codes and things appeared to start running then froze (w door locked).

01 was (not F01)  displayed.


3. Tried the "removing the 3 blue wire harness from the CCU"  trick and washer "ran" (no movement or water but electronics were functioning and heard occasional clicking etc.)  for 6 min before I cancelled.


4. Replaced blue wire harness and decided to test the system. It started to run (partially filling, drum rotate, lock and unlock door) and then gave me a F01 error. Unplugged unit.


5. Plugged unit back in and started a wash cycle. After normal startup with clicks and drain pump activation, started to fill and drum rotate appropriately. Displayed 01 again. Cleared this with cancel button. Restarted and got same start up but then gave F01 after about 5 minutes of the normal cycle. 


6. It will now start up and run normally from 50 min to 41 minutes in normal wash cycle before displaying the flashing 01 again. It then double beeps and changes to F01.



I am assuming I now need to replace the CCU. Is this correct? 


Question: Could a bad CCU have triggered the F71? (As stated above the drum DID rotate and troubleshooting says if it is, replace UI)  Thus, did I replace a working UI? (wasting $$)


I am a poor teacher of young grasshoppers (elementary school) and this Whirlpool set was a stretch for my wife and I. I am frustrated after only a few years. Our old top load Kenmore ran for >10 yrs with only minor DIY intervention.



Thank you for all your help. I await enlightenment courtesy of your wisdom


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