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I have an Amana washing machine,

> Mod#  ALW480DAW

> Mfg Mod# PALW480DAW


> During the spin cycles I noticed it to leak from the top rear.  I


> noticed that the water was actually spinning up and out of the tub at


> rear. It collects at the filler hose channel then shoots up and out

of the

> tub to the rear of the cabinet.  As this happens the motor begins to


> strange (seems to have a hard time spinning the tub).  The motor will


> then shut down for 10-15 minutes before it will work again


> I've taken it apart, tightened all the hoses and reassembled.  I

would think

> if the water was hitting the belt and slipping, the motor would have


> easier time spinning, not harder.  Do I have 2 problems?

---The belt stays dry during this but does get pretty hot

---As far as the water goes, I have tried different  load sizes and found about 10-12 oz of water spills out no matter the load size. 

                                                              PLEASE HELP              Thanks

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Replace the drive belt, the special cloth coating has worn thru and now the inner rubber core of the belt is gripping the motor drive pulley to tight and spinning the tub full of water causing the water to overflow and the motor to overheat.

If you look at the old belt, you should be able to see the difference of the v-surface of the belt and the back of belt where no wear takes place. The complete belt should look like the unworn back side of belt.

The slipping belt is this machines clutch system. The motor can be running at full speed and only turning the spin basket at a slow speed until all water is drained out and then basket can come up to full spin speed.

DO NOT try to replace the belt with one from an auto parts store, you will have the same problem.

Here's where to get the part you need: CLICK HERE

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This is something I've mentioned on here before. There is a phenomenon with these called "aggressive spin" which creates exactly the symptoms you describe. Basically, the belt grips the transmission pulley too firmly and spins the tub faster than the pump can remove the water, resulting in the water coming out the top like a fountain. As Willie says, use only the factory replacement belt, which is coated to provide the correct resistance/slippage.

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Thanks Guys,  I will give it a try

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I got the belt yesterday, put it on today, worked beautifully.   The pump pumped less violently, the tub spun slower and more controlled,  and not a drop of water leaked out.   THANKS A TON FOR YOUR HELP


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