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O'Keefe & Merritt Oven

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I recently came into a O'Keefe & Merritt Model 379 Gas Oven with Range. The range works fine, but the oven just doesn't work. The pilot light is lit. The Safety Valve (GC Serial C1258 Type MR-25C?) is registering open. I've tried the reset button. There doesn't seem to be any gas traveling into the oven. Any ideas? :?

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

If the safety valve is open, then its bad, replace it , however the new one will not be preset to the correct flame height, so you need to turn the orifice to match the old one and then fine tune it to the correct flame spread . the flames should not be more than half way up the flame diverter thats the wide thing that covers the burner. they bottom out the orifice at the factory in case the stove bought may be propane. so it is up to the installer to set the flame correctly. when you get the new part set it  beside the old part and notice the height of the orifice thing. thats the little nipple that the burner sits on . notice the difference between the two heights  and turn the nut  on the new valve, usually counterclock wise ,to raise it to the same height as the old valve. then install it and test it for leaks(bubble test) and you may need to furthur adjust it by turning the orifice while the oven is on and tweek it.Thats right you will need to turn the orifice by hand laying down on the floor and looking at the flames while the oven is lit, still think we appliance guys have it sweet? LOL! :? 


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