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GE Wall Oven /Microwave combo F2 Overheat during self clean

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Model JKP64GP1, 1992 build date. GE Wall oven / microwave combo.

A few years ago a electrical surge took out the control board. I replaced it With a NOS unit. Oven worked fine in broil and bake. F2 code is received 20 Minutes into self clean cycle. Replaced the oven temperature sensor. Same error. Checked resistance on new and old elements . Both read 16ohms at room temp. NOTE: This oven uses a 16 ohm sensor , not a 1100 Ohm Sesnor, GE part WB21X158. Decided not to worry about it as the oven worked.

Fast forward a couple of years, and now I need the self clean. My knees do not like kneeling on the floor to clean it! 

Here is what I have checked. Oven works fine in broil and bake mode. I have set the temperaturea t the max 550*F and it worked fine . Temperature sensor resistance is 16 Ohms at room temp. Note that this ocven uses a GE WB21X158 16 Ohm sensor, not the more common 1100 Ohm sensor.

Door does lock. Door lock and unlock micro-switches work, as measured by continuity check.  During operation, 3.7 VDC is supplied to the micro-switch, and 3.7 VDC is seen across appropiate micro-switch when in operation. This is measured at the control board pin connector. There is a fan that blows air across the top of the oven, in the cavity between the oven and microwave. This fan works, comes on at roughly 210 *F and there is no clogged filter screens anywhere in the fan ducting. Air is felt out of the cavity air when it is on.

Unit fails with F2 at 17- 20 Minutes every time.

Sequence of events.

Any temperature measurements mentioned were made at the oven vent using a IR gun pointed into the oven vent air space.


1.    Touch Clean. CLEAN and 3:00 will be in the display with START flashing.


2.            Touch Start. A Audible “Click” is heard  and door lock motor starts and the display flashes “locked”. When the lock motor reaches full lock position, “LOCKED” stops flashing andis displayed steady. At this point the Unlock micro-switch is open (no voltage across the switch) and the lock micro-switch is closed (3.7 VDC measured across the switch, measured at the control board plug for this circuit.

3.    Immediately on the door being locked Four audible relay "clicks" were hard from the control board relays, K1, K2 and K3

4.    The broil element is on, 240 VAC measured at the broil element. The bake element is off, 0 VAC

5.    At 210 *F the cavity fan blowing air across the top of the oven comes on as expected.

6.    At 16:21 minutes, oven vent temperature average was 600*F plus or minus 10*F, a click was heard from the area of the relays. 2 seconds later the F2 error displayed.


7.    When the F2 Error is displayed-Check:

a.    Voltage at bake element 0 VAC

b.    Voltage at broil element 0 VAC

c.     Fan on blowing air into the cavity on top of the oven is on


It acts as if the system thinks the door is unlocked, even though Visual of the lock/ unlock switch, oven display, and voltage measurements at the board indicate it is locked.

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

You probably have a bad connection or wire that only exposes itself after expansion from extreme heat. Probably the sensor wire. Take your readings from the sensor and at the board. If you see a difference in resistance then that is your problem.

I have to tell you, no one is rushing to help you on this issue since it only shows up in self clean. Even a cursory search of this or any repair site will reveal what experts think of self clean and its absolutely devastating effect on a range . Helping you with this problem is akin to violating a oath we hold so dear: "never knowingly do harm to an otherwise working appliance."

I decided to help based upon the time and detail you spent in posting your problem. However the extreme length and detail of your post also can have a suppressing effect on receiving help. A simple listing of your model number with a question such as "getting an f2 error code 20 minutes into self-clean and I have already changed the sensor and tested lock, any ideas?" would yield more responses and allow for helpful interaction where you could expound in more detail if necessary. There may not be enough time for a tech to go through this before or during work and after a hard day of technical details and fighting appliances, many techs would take one look at your post think " I'll pass on this one, it's time for dinner."

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Any temperature measurements mentioned were made at the oven vent using a IR gun pointed into the oven vent air space.



This is not a valid instrument for measuring oven cell temperature.  IR guns do not measure air temperature, they measure surface temperature.  For ovens, the meaningful temperature is air temperature because this is what the control responds to.  The two temperatures will largely converge but only after the oven cell has been running at the set temperature for at least an hour.  


Do you have the tech sheet for this unit?  It will list the error code meanings and list the procedure for running some diagnostics.  Tech sheet is usually found inside the unit behind the control panel.  

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No tech sheet. The system is 20 yeas old, and someone in the past removed them and misplaced them. F2 is a temperature overheat. A direct reading thermocouple showed the inside temperatures was 1050 *f when it kicks out. Definaitely a overheat conditions.  I replaced the board and sensor. Still get the same error right at 20 m inures, but know the oven temp is 850*900 when it gives the error.


Yacking with a  guy in another forum, the connectors have been checked, sensors checked and verified not tripped, door sensors etc working. Unless you would like to muse on this, I am not sure its worth chasing after any more. It was a exercise in understanding "why" to me.  None of it makes sense, but without a wiring diagram to verify the whole circuit has been checked, I don't know where I could go from here. The rest of the oven works So i will live with that!

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