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I just installed a new transmission on a Maytag washerand now spin is noisy

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Hello Samurai and other honorable readers:


Today, I had to install a new transmission and new tub seal on a Maytag washer.  The washer is a Maytag MAV5920EWW (Performa platform).  I used part #35-6615 which comes with a new high torque transmission and a tub seal kit.  When I finished, I tested the washer and it tested fine, although this was without a load of clothing.


The customer just called me and said that she did a few medium loads and the washer is banging loudly in spin, like “there is a rock in there” she said. 


I asked her a few questions.  She answered that the washer is not walking and the brake stops the spin normally when the lid is lifted.


I think I did this job by the book.  The snubber is in good shape.


I am going back the day after tomorrow to see what I did wrong.  Can anyone help me on this?


Maybe I didn’t tighten the basket down tight enough?  Maybe the basket isn’t perfectly centered?  Maybe the hub nut is not screwed on super tight?  Maybe one bolt somewhere just isn’t tight enough, but I thought I was careful.  Should I have re-lubricated the thrust washer?  I’d be so happy to see a loose spring but I doubt I’ll get so lucky. 


If anyone can point me in the right direction, I would be grateful for any help.  Thanks.

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I think I know what I did wrong.  This particular model washer has like a 6 inch diameter (and about 1 inch thick) removable disk at the bottom of the spin basket and below the agitator.  This disk is not shown on the parts diagram.  I installed a gasket (which came with the seal kit) between this disk and the hub, but I hadn't removed any gasket upon initial disassembly.  So now I think the extra thickness of this gasket is allowing too much play in the spin basket as it sits in the tub.  


I hope that this is it!

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