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Budget Appliance Repair

Frigidaire DW Mod# FGHD2465NF0A not cleaning good complaint

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Frigidaire Dishwasher

Mod# FGHD2465NF0A

Ser# TH21450637


Only 1 Year 8 months old and touch pad/console is bad customer is undecided rather to repair or not because they say it has never cleaned the dishes very well.


I don't like Frigidaire dishwashers at all, (really cheaply built, lower rack rollers fall off all the time door latches break, etc), but I've never really had any one complaining about them not washing good.


This one has the new rotor head lower spray arm, the first one I've ran across with this style of lower wash arm, (has very few and very small looking water jet outlets).



Anyone know of any problems or service updates pertaining to this style wash arm?


Also can anyone explain what the code, "UL" means, it's not on the techsheet and this is all I found on the internet referencing it, "UL: UL test mode, Displayed in relay test mode when UL test is activated."


Nothing on the techsheet about a "UL" mode, just the standard water/service test, (I got the "UL" code by accident trying to put it into diagnostics when the touchpad is bad - They had received the ER - meaning bad keypad but that never came up for me).


You could enter the cycle you wanted but couldn't get the unit to start, pushing the DRY and START/CANCEL keys wouldn't put it into the water/service test.  Doing the DRY and START/CANCEL from a PF - Power Fail mode brought up the UL code then it went to 99+ and started to fill like it was going to do a cycle.

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

It's a test mode Frigidaire uses to check/provide info for UL certification. If that code comes up without requesting it you have a failed board.

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I was doing more looking and found this, so I think it is a valid service test mode.


Many modern appliances have error code build in to the control programing to help with the diagnosis of a failure. Frigidaire dishwashers with display s will flash Er then a two letter error code.

Er i s a Switch error (Replace Console Pn# 154639207)

CE is a Configuration error (Replace Control Pn#154543602)

UO is a Vent that will not close. (Replace Vent Pn#154682301) or remove blockage

uF is a Vent fan Not running (Replace Vent Pn#154682301) or remove blockage

Other codes you my see in the display that are not errors

LO is Low rinse aid

PF is power failure

Ho is Water Heating

CL is close Door

01-24 hours of delay

Service Test

To enter service test you must turn off the power and PF will be displayed. While in PF press and hold Pad # 1 and Pad # 7 at which time an “rt” will appear in the display. To get it out of service test Press Pad # 1 and the Pad # 7 this will return you to PF mode.

[ (#1)(#2)(#3)(#4)(#5)(#6)(#7) (#8)(#9)(10)(11) ]

Press pad # 1 Active water valve Ultimate Scrub Maxx Clean Valve on =FL Valve off =rt

Press pad # 2 Test Speed motor (1 Time) motor @ 2800 rpms Speed Wash pad ”28" First two digits motor speed

Press pad # 2 Test Speed motor (2 Times) wash motor @2950 rpms Speed Wash pad “29" in display

Press pad # 2 Test Speed motor (3 Times) wash motor @3150 rpms Speed Wash pad “31" in display

Press pad # 2 Test Speed motor (4 Times) wash motor @3450 rpms Speed Wash pad “34" in display

Press pad # 2 Test Speed motor (5 Times) turns off wash motor No light on ”rt” in display

Press pad # 3 Test Dispenser dispenser powered Normal Wash on = “Sd” off = “rt”

Press pad # 4 Test Drain pump on/off China Crystal or Party glasses on = dP off = “rt”

Press pad # 5 Test Fan dry Active vent on/off Top Rack,Eco Wash Glasses on = Fan speed off = “rt”

Press pad # 7 Test Rinse aid level none Rinse only low = RE full = RF off = “rt”

Press pad # 8 Test Soil Sensor none Wash Silencer or Wash pressure on = sensor voltage reading off = “rt”

Press pad # 9 Test Thermistor none Wash Temperature on = Temperature in °F off = “rt”

Press pad #10 Test Heater on/off Heater on/off No Heat Dry on = HO off = “rt”


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It is a valid test mode for factory use, However, it is not designed to be accessible for service techs.

I read now that you got into it by accident. I thought it came up by itself which has been documented to happen (in one case after a lightning strike) which meant a bad board in that case.

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Why would it not be for a service tech?  It seems to be a relay test, (checks all relay functions on board to control each component and check that each component operates correctly).


Would seem if the test was there it should be documented and able to be used by the servicer. \


Anybody have an answer regarding the rotary spray arm - any known problems with wash ability complaints with this style spray arm? 

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