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Haier Small Wine Cellar

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My name is Dan. You may think I am nuts but here goes.

I just bought this thing. On the store display it's called a wine cellar.

Dummy me I didn't get a hint from that because I wanted it to keep beer and pop cold also.

Well beer is not very good at 46 deg f.

 I have been tinkering with the control to get it to be at a lower range but I don't know what the theory of the control is. My guess is that the control in there is not capable of the range I am asking it to be.

I can get it down to below freezing by adjusting a hidden screw on the control but then it won't shut off. Darn I thought I had it figured out and then no I don't it's a run away.

It is either 45 Degress or it win't ever shut off and could freeze everything.

 I can't find middle ground so to speak.

Can you point me in the direction of a capillary control that is spst make on rise. just a mechanical one That I could stick in there. I realize I have already voided the warranty.

Thanks in advance

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

You just need to install a cold control kit that will operate in the beer range.  The GC505 should work nicely.  You can buy it here.


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