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Refridgerator Woes

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I am working on a MAYTAG s/s model # MSD2754grw.
It is not cooling. So I removed the access panel and connected my Old Trusty Annie A-3.
And it would not work. I mean the Annie does not work.

So it is time to go Old Skool, wipped out the old Ohm Meter and read the pin terminals.

All seemed ok.
So I read the PTC Relay and it seemed ok,
Changed the capacitor but that was not it either.
Checked voltages at the PTC Relay and they were good.

The unit does not hum like a stuck compressor.
It just sits there till you hear the overload go click.

Readings were:
Start - Common 3.0 Ohms
Run - Common 6.4 Ohms
Start -Run 9.6 Ohms

No shorts to ground from any pin

PTC Relay 5.2 Ohms

Just for kicks I read the Overload as well, it was .2 Ohms.

Any Ideas?

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Ohming PTC's in Maytags isn't a reliable test... try a new ptc and see what happens

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Its common for the PTC to fail on those Maytags. Even when they ohm out OK they still are usually the problem when the compressor will not start. If you shake the PTC and it sounds like something is ratteling inside (like grains of sand) its definitely bad.

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