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Kenmore dryer won't start 110-96591240

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Good evening Appliance Samurai.


My Kenmore dryer has stopped working today.  After a normal operation cycle it stopped working altogether...nothing happens when I push the start switch with the timer set.


This is so far what I have done for trouble shooting.


1.  I do NOT hear any humming motor noise when the start button is pushed. 


2.  With ohm meter the following components have been checked and all seem to have intact circuits: 

     a.  start switch

     b.  door switch

     c.  Thermal cut out fuse

     d.  thermostat 


3.  Drive belt is intact


4.  Wiring looks good without any evidence of blistering, etc.  L1 & L2 both have 120 v each with 240 v combined



So far everything seems to check out from what I can gather...except the timer.  My understanding is that timer does not go out too often but it could happen.  


The timer motor advances the knob normally.  However, it is making clicking/ticking sound when I set the timer in mid-cycle.  I recall hearing this clicking/ticking sound in the past only when a dryer cycle gets to the "wrinkle guard" zone.  


I did take the timer off from the control panel.  When I shook the timer there was a rattling sound so I took the cover off of the timer.  Inside there was a small (~0.2 in) brass button.  It appears it broke off of one of the contacts (from BK terminal that contacts R (see attached pics below)).


When I test circuits, the only time I get a complete circuit is when I put the probes between BK/R, WB/GY.  The other combination of terminals (i.e. BU/BK, BU/R, W/T, W/GY, T/GY, etc) I get infinity.   


Does this verify whether the timer is bad or not?  If not what else can I check before ordering the timer to verify it is bad?









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EDIT: wait a minute here

Edited by -Mike-

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Well I can't find a schematic for your dryer so lets wait for someone else to confirm what the BK and R terminals on the timer are for. I would say its safe to assume you're going to need a timer here  since that point fell off but I wanted to make sure what circuit its for to confirm it will not allow the motor to start.

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Yes, you have a bad timer. 


Timers usually fail this way by turning the timer manually while the dryer is already running.  If you need to change the timer setting, open the dryer door to stop the dryer, THEN change your timer setting. There is also less wear and tear on the timer if you only turn it clockwise as well.


Link to a new timer:

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Mike, Scott,


Thanks for the replies, sensei.



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