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Kenmore Elite Dishwasher Model #665-16959000 Won't Run!

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My Kenmore Dishwasher stopped in mid-cycle, has water in tub and will not restart.  There are two minus signs where the numbers should be for the time remaining.


I have tried putting it into diagnostics mode, but all the lights come on & the number 88 shows on the display, but it never does anything else.


I replaced the door switch, thinking that might be the problem, but it is a still a no go.


Any ideas what could be wrong?  Thanks!!!!

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Original control very sensitive to line voltage distortion. Control has been modified.


Part 8564543


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Hi Sensei,


Thank you for answering me so promptly!


Sears had talked me into getting the control panel last week before I posted my question (NEVER AGAIN will I buy from them!) and it finally came in today.  


When I went to put the control panel in, the plug with the brown wire had burned and fused to the old panel, so when I pulled the plug off the old panel, the tab on the panel stayed in the plug.  I took needle nose pliers and pulled the tab out and connected it to the new control panel and it will run, but I am afraid of what the brown wire controls! (The plug was singed pretty good, but not melted beyond use!)


Any idea what that brown wire goes to? (pump. heating element, motor?)  I just don't want to burn my house down with this twelve year old dishwasher!!!!


I am so glad to find this site.  Will know where to buy parts from now on!

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