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LG French door too warm

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Model # LFC25770SB approx 4-6 years old.


complaint: warm freezer. 


All troubleshooting and diagnostics complete per factory service manual. 


No trouble codes on front display.


All diagnostics confirm compressor running (but does not seem to be circulating).

All fans, motors, dampers, sensors working and within range per manual. 

compressor ohms out as it should. after sitting unplugged, it will start and run after a 5-7 minute delay. 

compressor runs continuesly, it does not cycle on and off. 


Customer did confirm a power surge prior to requesting service. 


Initial findings were that the frig is plugged into an ungrounded recepticle via a 3 wire  / 2 wire adapter. (older home)


Repairs completed: Replaced motherboard. 


frig ran for about 24 hours. 


results: no change


completed all troubleshooting and diagnostics a second time....same results. 


I am leaning away from an electrical problem and toward a compressor / refrigeration issue. 



I would appreciate the advise and opinion of the collective here. 



thank you in advance. 




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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Sounds like a sealed system problem if all fans and compressor are running. How does the frost pattern on the evaporator coils look? Amp draw on compressor? I will say on a few LG's I have ran had inefficient compressors or broken valves. I usually keep a supco screw on tap valve and hook it to the process stub. Typically if the low side is up around 20-30 psi running it is a bad compressor unless someone has already tapped into the system. In a vacuum it is either a leak or restriction. First check the frost pattern and see what you have. The reason I suggest using a temporary tap valve before you even hook a dye drier or a permanent low side valve on is because I've wasted time doing all that work just to find a bad compressor.

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I would probably tap that process stub and check the preasures then. It very well may be a bad compressor or leak.

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in fact, from the time that I did the initial diag to the time that I was able to get the new motherboard it had sat for 2-3 days. 

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