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Vintage GE Fridge

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Hello everyone. Recently i purchased a old General Electric fridge that i plan on restoring. Upon getting it home i soon found that all the wiring was so old that i could literally strip the insulation off with my fingers!
So first things first is i want to get the wiring in proper order.
Inside the fridge it has: a door activated switch that controls a inside light. A freezer thermostat. An another thermo that is either controling the fridge itself or what seems to be a butter tray built into inside of it?
From there, the wiring trails down to what looks like a relay for the fridge condenser. Which the condenser is connected to directly.
My problem is that the wires were not connected to the relay and im trying to figure out what goes where. Any help on a wiring schematic or if anyone is fimilar with these it would be appreciated!!!
I do not have a exact model or numbers from it. Searched over it and could not find a id plate of any sort. Here are some photos to help identify it. Thank you!

Seems my photos did not come through? Any help on this? They showed while i previewed my post but dont appear now.

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

No one can help this poor ol guy? Was referenced to this site that yall could help!

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