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Frigidaire FWT647GHSO front load washer

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   My girlfriend has a Frigidaire FWT647GHSO front load washer. Dunno how old it is. By the looks, maybe 100, at least. In my experience with this beast (7 months or so), the main spin cycle has been so loud that house pets run for the deepest recesses of the house to hide and the occasional cop bangs on the door. I gotta admit the first time I heard it I headed for the closest door myself. Imagine standing on a runway under a 747 as it lands and you get it. Well, recently it started adding bangs and knocks to the racket. Sorta like someone threw a couple of 2x4 blocks in it. And now, peace and quiet. Ahhhh. Nice. Oh, but wait. That means the dang thing don't work no mo. The spin is gone on this creature. It still cycles all the way through as it should. Just won't spin. I don't like the bastage anyway so it seems to me a good excuse to get rid of it, but.... Have you guys got any advice? If you suggest the land fill, can you also include any info on detaching the thing from the dryer that rests on top of it? If not, I'll just throw the entire heap out in the street. Thanks for letting me rant/share.



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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Bad bearing/broken spider. If the machine is pretty old,most likely not worth worth. You have to replace the entire rear half of the tub and most likely the inner drum as well. $$$$$$

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