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Bosch vision 500 Washer wont' spin or agitate.

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Please Help!


I have a Bosch vision 500 washing machine (WFVC6450uc/29 / FD 9104/ 902348) with a 2 yr warranty that stopped spinning after 2yrs and 3mo.  I told my wife "I can fix that" and not to call the repair man.  She rolled her eyes and told me I have until Monday to fix it until the repair man comes.  So I have started my research and diagnostic work, but have run into a bit of a snag and have a few questions that I am hoping you Appliance geniuses can help me out with before I have to eat my words on Monday.


The washer will run, fill with water and pump water.  The door lock works and all electronic displays work.  No error message is displayed (until running the diagnostic test).  The only thing that is not working is the spinning/agitation of the drum.  There is no obstruction on the drum.  It spins freely in both directions by hand.  A wash cycle will start normally, but when the agitation stage comes, all is still for a few minutes the the drain pump starts and the cycle continues until spin stage when all goes still again.


Let me give a little back ground as to what I have done so far. 

1) Opened and cleaned the drain pump, also the sump leading to the pump.

2) Inspected belts and motor...all look brand new.  (slight belt dust and that is all.)

3) Ran diagnostic test and error code E09 and E20 came up and D10. which from the WFVC manual I downloaded from this site (thank you) I learned that the codes indicate

        "No Communication between control and inverter" -- check wire harness


So I checked all wire connections to the motor from the motor control board and have traced the wires to the front control panel where all wires look plugged in and fine.


My next step is to use a multimeter to test the connections and motor for volts, amps, but I honestly have no idea how to use the multimeter on a washer or if that will even let me know where the "communication" is failing.


Any thoughts or advise would be greatly appreciated...before my "pride" deadline on Monday.  Thank you!

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