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WFMC3200 Intermittently stops P04 results in E:20 D:09 D:18

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Hey team,


Any help would be appreciated. Our Bosch Nexxt 500 washer seems to stop without any rhyme or reason. A few times in the past, we've heard what sounds like a battle from Game of Thrones going on during the spin cycle. When we went to look, the washer had hopped three feet away from its original spot.


I didn't have much time but ran the P4 test and got these errors: E:20 (unbalanced load or faulty wire harness), D:09 (voltage too high/faulty motor control), and a D:18 (peak voltage too high/faulty motor control).


Sounds to me like...(wait for it) just might be a faulty motor control or wire harness, especially with all that jostling, could have caused harness connection issues.


Having said that, in any of your experiences, is it worth me running the rest of the tests? Is it possible that these could be errors that trip as a result of some other problem such as unbalanced loads or pump, etc.? Or am I pretty safe to trust the diagnosis and just order the new control and harness, pop them in and call it a day?


Any thoughts would be helpful. I'm just not sure how on point these errors are in diagnosing the problem. Looks like the cost from sears for new harnesses and motor controls will run me a bit over $300. Ouch!





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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

In case you don't already have it, here is the service manual for your washer:


Some other things to check:


– Make sure that the drums support shocks are in tact and, of course, make sure that the washer is on a stable flooring with all four footings making solid contact with the floor.


– Measure the resistance of the motor windings to ensure that all three windings are within one half on of each other. If the motor checks good and the flooring situation is good, then most likely your fault is with the motor control board:


Comes with a 365-day, no-hassle Return Policy:

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