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Frigidaire Dishwasher model ffbd2407lm0b

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The lights on the panel seem to work fine.

When I press start, it will fill with water and stop - all good so far.

Once it stops, the main motor won't run (it should).  I hear a very low hum not from the motor. 

Pressing stop again I expect it to drain.  It won't drain.


I unhooked the leads to the motor and directly connected 120V to it.  The motor works and sound fine.

I looked at the circuit board inside the front door.  It looks okay though I recognize there still may be a problem.


The board in the door has a label:

Spitfire Controls Inc.

SF250I-K3201 Rev B

Model No: 154783201


Another number which I believe is the assembly:


529 91 004 RJ ( not sure of the last two letters)


China 1032

5VDC 5mA


Your help in finding the problem is greatly appreciated. 




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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

I forgot to mention that the door switch seems to work fine.

As it is filling with water, if I open the door everything stops.

When I expect to hear the motor run but only hear a hum, the sound stops when I open the door.

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I purchased the part and installed it.

There is no change.  Any other suggestions?


There are two black wires and two white wires going to the switch of the door.

The machine will fill with water only if the door is closed.  Is the switch working correctly?


I really appreciate help.

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Both door switches need to close. One breaks the neutral and the other brakes the line when the door is opened. Since it fills with water we know the door switches are working otherwise  it wouldn't fill if one of them failed.  You may have a  broken wire somewhere thats not allowing the wash pump or drain pump to run.  Get your volt/ohm meter out and ohm the drain pump with leads connected to the white door switch wire and the violet wire on the control board P3-4. If you don't get a reading put your lead on the other white wire on the door switch. Either that or latch the latch so it closes the door switches.

To ohm out the wash pump motor put your leads on the white door switch wire and the blue P3-5 wire on the board.

If either of these get an open reading ohm out the wire from the board to the motor. For the drain pump thats the violet wire on the board to the violet wire on the pump. Do the same with the wash wire on the board to blue wire on the pump plug. If those check good ohm out the neutral wire to the  white wires on the door switch.

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Thanks for all your help.

I decided to open the drain pump.  Inside the drain pump there was an obstacle preventing the drain motor from turning.

I tested the motor by applying outlet power to it directly - works.

I assembled everything back together.  My machine now works.


I had made a bad assumption.  I had assumed  that since it would not start the wash cycle following water fill-up, that it would be pointless to check the drain pump for foreign matter.  I had assumed that it must have been the control board. My Bad.  Lesson learned.



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