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Looking for some assistance with Bosch SHX55M05UC Dishwasher

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Our dishwasher suddenly stopped powering on completely. No buttons work and nothing on the display. We have already tried the obvious turning off/on the breaker. We made the mistake of calling the Bosch approved repair company only to charge us $100 to come out to the house, press a few buttons on the dishwasher, and tell us that the control board and display need to be replaced. (Part # 665512 and 665513). $630 for them to come back and replace those parts. My concern is that since nothing was really taken apart, there could be other problems that they don't know about. I can order the parts online for a bit cheaper, but I do not have a service manual to give me an idea of how to start taking this dishwasher a part.


Does anyone have a service manual for this dishwasher or has anyone experienced a similar issue?


Thanks in advance for any assistance!

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

1st thing I would check, which the other company may have done already I would hope.  


Check the wiring connections where it connects to house wiring behind toe kick.


 Seen many where connections fail causing unit to be dead.


These units pull more amperage than domestic units 11-12 amps when heating water.  If the wiring connections are not tight they overheat and burn up.

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