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Frigidaire Washer FTF2140ES0 intermittent spin no spin

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Oh honorable teacher,

I have read the posts and am seeking guidance.  

I have a Frigidaire Washer that was not spinning. I read the post and checked the coin catcher (made my self a handsome $2.25 in coins) As it was noted in another post, I turned on the machine and unplugged it and I was able to open the door.

I replaced the door lock, and five minutes later all was working.

Life was good.

A week later, the washer stopped spinning mid cycle. I ran the diagnostics and got E52 = "bad signal from tacho generator"

Now, I need to "Disconnect the plug from the drive motor and measure the resistance pins 4&5 in the motor"

umm, I'm not sure how to get to the drive motor, or where the 4 & 5 pins are.


Also, the washing machine has just complete a load of laundry while I was typing this, so it's an intermittent problem.


Thank you.

measure the resistance pins 4 & 5 in the motor.

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