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Have the GE Survival kit. Did a diagnostic test on this unit where everything passed except '0 - 3'  temperature control panel to dispenser  board communication.


What does that communication comprise of or what is its purpose?   What part is replaced to repair the failure.


The main control board was replaced by the lady's husband back in January.  She called me because last week the freezer contents felt like they were defrosting to her.   When I arrived the display temps were showing a degree or two higher than  what the unit was set at in both compartments.   My IF was within 5& less of the same temps displayed.


Was on my way home when I got the call from old client of mine did not spend much time there 

asked the lady to call me when it hiccupped again. 


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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

That error may mean nothing or you have a bad connection at the door hinge or a bad display encoder. However that error will not cause temp spikes. If that error is real, the fridge will default to the factory temperature settings resulting in proper fridge/freezer temps. More than likely, you have a bad thermistor causing the temp problems.

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