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Whirlpool Gas Range Model# SF262LXST : Replaced Bake Spark Electrode and Still Doesn't Light

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The complaint before I replaced the spark electrode on the bake burner was that it would click and spark but no flame, or only stay lit for 30 seconds or less.


I replaced the electrode and it does the same thing.


The broil works great, the burner on top work great, just no bake burner flame...


I have a solid connection between burner and cavity, so I think its grounded, don't know if that matters...?



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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Technical Service Pointer #: W10622771


Under certain circumstances the Bake burner may not ignite. Sparking is taking place but flame is not established

•Wiring harness may be pinched at a location between the Bake/Broil igniters and DSI Board.
• DSI Board mounting bracket may be contacting a solder joint on back of the board.
• Positioning of Igniter and gas burner igniter ports may be out of adjustment.
• Igniter (Electrode) deterioration

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