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Samsung WF448AAP/XAA Fabric Softener issue

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Our Samsung WF448AAP/XAA washer has stopped siphoning the softener out of the drawer.  The drawer and siphon tubes are clean and the softerner compartment siphons easily when a little water is run through it. I have checked that the washer was level and checked the water supply screens and they were clean. I have troubeshooting guide and ran the test mode to check all the solenoids (it is a 5 solenoid unit)  All solenoids function and the water pressure should be more than adaquate.  No water ever comes out of the softener orafice in any of the solenoid tests.  Is a combination of active solenoids needed to direct water to the softener compartment?  And if so  is there a way to test that?  I would appreciate any help in what may be wrong or what other tests I can run to resolve this issue.  Thanks in advance for the help.

I should add that this problem cropped up about a week after the drain pump failed (the post mortem proved that the pump was dead) I have checked over the hoses and wires for the drawer but all seems to be in order. 

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