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Maytag dishwasher PCB schematic or infor

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the PCB in my maytag dishwasher (MDB7100AWW) is a little scorched at R300, 301 and 302. The neighbouring caps are also both toast, I have had to resolder one of the Caps before and it has worked fine for about a year but I guess I didn't do a very good job because I am having to fix this problem again. My only issue is that I can't tell what the value of the R300 resistor is because the cap blew out all over it. Is there a PCB schematic or chart where I can get this value from? I would prefer to try replacing a cheap resistor before replacing the whole board.





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The only way your are going to find that info is to have someone look at an identical board and tell you the value/color bands of the resistor in question. 


The manufactures DO NOT supply any info on board level repair, the only way to get a schematic of a control board is to reverse engineer and draw one yourself.   Lots of the newer boards now days have actual microprocessors on them and there is no way your going to get the software programing from the manufactures if the internal programming gets scrambled. 


If you look up the part # for your PCB and look at different websites, you might be able to find a clear enough picture somewhere to figure it out.


Depending on your serial# first two numbers = series # on what your board is, one shows no longer available the other three seem to sub to part# 99002824 and of all the pictures I find online none are even clear enough to read the component locations, (IE. R300, R301, R302).


The best picture I was able to find was on the Sears website (CLICK the picture and it will enlarge to a little better detail):


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Replacement PCB Part number: AP4114333

Part number: AP4114333

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