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Successful Asko T761 Dryer Repair

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Thanks to The Samurai Appliance Repair Man (our omnipotent and fearless leader), this site, and all of the contributors here I have successfully repaired my old Asko T761 dryer.


The dryer has been a very good appliance for years. Recently my wife and I began noticing that the dryer drum would not start spinning on its own when starting the machine or when the machine went into the anti-wrinkle pause and start cycle. I came to, renewed my subscription, and began researching the issue. After reading a few tales of woe similar to my own I had a strong suspicion that the start capacitor was the culprit.


Being on a very tight budget at the moment I challenged the internet to find me an inexpensive replacement start capacitor. Twenty bucks and 4 days later it showed up in the mail box. Note: I have purchased many items through this site before and been thrilled with the service and price. I just needed to do this repair on a shoe string is all.


Today, after spending an hour or so boning up on my capacitor testing and handling skills, I tore open the Asko dryer service manual and went to work. The dryer dismantling and capacitor replacement went without a hitch. Take off the rear panel, disconnect some wiring (after taking pictures of course), pull out the plastic air handlers and there it was...the start capacitor. I took it out, tested it, and found it to be defective registering only 1.7 uf when it should have registered 8. Retested the replacement and seeing it at 8.04 on the scale installed it. 90 minutes after beginning the repair I put the last screw back in, plugged it in, switched on the power and...bēru o kabutta (voila!) the dryer started up like new again!

So, subete ni ōku no ōku no kansha (many many thanks to all) for making the effort to work with and through this terrific site and for documenting your successes and failures so that others can learn from them. 


Lastly, arigatou gozaimasu (thank you very much) to The Samurai Appliance Repair Man. Your leadership is priceless. Buy yourself a six-pack of good beer with small donation I just made to the beer fund, kick back, and revel in your accomplishments.

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Thanks for the information on the repair ....... :thanks: .............. :thumbsup: ......

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Great job on the repair, allentd, and mucho domos for posting your repair story.  I'm pinning this as an inspiration for other intrepid souls who dare to tread in your steps. 

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