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Kitchenaid Dishwasher kuds24sewh2 wont run

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Hello folks,  My kitchenaid kuds24sewh2 has decided to go on strike.  The other evening a load was started but in the morning when my wife went to empty it, it was full of water and it looked as though it never ran.  The detergent door had opened and detergent had oozed down the inside of the door.


I tried to do the hi temp, air, hi temp, air sequence to step through the cycles, but I'm not sure exactly how to step to the next sequence or to get it to try to drain.  Pressing start didn't seem to advance it.  If left alone, it moved through but never tried to pump or drain.


I bailed as much water as I could and tried to start it again and it fills to the heating element and then stops.


I'm not sure what to try now, but at the least, would hope to try to get the drain cycle to start.


The unit is at least 10 years old, so, I'd like your opinion if it's even worth throwing money into it, or is it time for something new.


If it's time to say goodbye, what would you recommend in the <$700 range.  I'd like to spend less than that, but would be willing to spend more if necessary.


Domo Arigato


Grasshoppah Fuggo



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Split-phase, dual start winding motor for both CW and CCW rotation (wash and drain).  Wash impeller may be jammed.  Could disassembly the sump down to the wash impeller and see if it spins freely.  If it does, then your next step is to check for 120 V AC from P10 to P4 at the control board when the motor is supposed to run.  If you're not getting voltage there, the control board is bad.   

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Before you go tearing down the complete top side just to find out if the motor is jammed or not, it's much easier to just remove the kickplate, then you should be able to reach in just above the motor and turn the plastic water slinger that is between the motor and floor of dishwasher.  If it turns easily by hand with no noise, time to look else where for your problem, (could still be a bad motor but these motors are quite robust and don't see many actually fail electrically).

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