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GE dishwasher not draining, NO CLOG

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My dishwasher model: General Electric GHSD307P00SB (canadian model)


Hi there, here's my story...


My dishwasher started to clean less and less... so i decided to open it with srewdrivers and clean it manually.

This was DISGUSTING! I could never have think i was eating with dished that was washed in that much crap...


When i put it back in place, guess what, not draining anymore at all.

I think i unplugged it at least 5 times, verified for clogs in the hoses, nothing there.

This is a model whith a single pump. To drain, there's a kind of "piston" which switch a lid so the water get "in" the dishwasher, or "out to the drain". The last time i opened it, i notices that the lid isn't totally closing the path going inside the tub. I tried putting some mastic, but i think it's not totally hermetic, this still doesn't work.


I can't figure how i had a working dishwasher (which didn't totally washer very well...) and then a not draining one, without changing anything!


The only thing i'm not sure is about a small white plastic ball that seemed to come from the drain hose, or the one returning to the inside tub (the two are connected to a kind of Y jonction).


Any hint?


Sorry for my english, you might have noticed it's not my primary language.


Thanks for anyone giving clues!

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

I'm having some trouble with the model number to get a better look, but it sounds like the basic GE design.  Make sure the drain/gate solenoid (piston) is drawing the cam arm down enough to open the gate.  Also check where the drain hose connects to the disposer or sink.  The drain hose may be clear of restriction, but the port it connects to may be blocked.


Given the amount of gookus that you found in the unit, there may exist a detergent usage issue that may have resulted in oversudsing.  This can cause poor washability and can inhibit proper draining.

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You might have to replace that piston and nut assembly, it's a weak spot on GE dishwashers.

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Drain piston Part number: WD24X10018

Part number: WD24X10018

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