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I replaced my ancient gas dryer motor, now it won't turn off!

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Hello,  I replaced my 30+ year old gas dryer motor after it seized up.  It's a Maytag dg409.  The replacement motor part number is Part number: W10410999

Part number: W10410999

.    The timer is push-to-start.


I must have wired it incorrectly because if I plug it in with the timer in the off position the buzzer turns on and stays on.  Then if I begin turning the timer out of the off position, the dryer starts right up without me pushing the dial in to start it.  When the timer goes back to 0, the dryer turns off as it should but the buzzer sound never stops. 


My wire colors are a little different than I found in the directions. Here's how I have it wired up:

 - white wire that shares a terminal with a short blue wire, connected to the thermal protector tab.

 - The short blue wire is a jumper that shares a terminal with a white wire with blue stripe, connected to switch connection 1

- Red to switch connection 5

- Black to switch connection 2

- Yellow to switch connection 6



The directions say that switch connection 6 should receive the push to start wire, which is yellow.  So I'm not sure what's wrong...


Thanks for your time,


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