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Fisher Paykel Eco MW051-U Washer

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Greetings Exalted One,

My Fisher Paykel Eco laundry washer Model MW051-U will not fill. Both solenoids click off and on before it beeps and shows an unblinking light 4th one along from the left in 'long wash'.

When moving the machine I could feel that it still had some water inside from the previous load so I suspected there might be a drain hose blockage or pump fault, and that was why the macine wouldn't start the next load. I removed the drain hose but it was clear. The pump seems to rotate freely. I poured a bucket of water in and advanced the cycle to spin to try and check the pump function. The pump fan moves a little but it just pulses the same as the inlet solenoids did.

I performed the diagnostic thingo (as read from another one of your topics) and it shows the same steady light, 4th one along from the left on 'long wash'.

Please save me. I haven't got the stomach for hari kiri.

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