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I have a GE xl series 1850 over the counter microwave / extractor.

The extractor sucks.

I am plannin gto due an inline extractor fan & remove the exixsitng fan motor assembly. Think I will use either the Fanteck series fx or the Continental seris AXC. Ant suggestions or recomendations for others?

Heres my question ... I would liek to wire the fan into the existin controls on the microwave. I removed the existing motor & put a meter across the leasds. There are 4 wires, one is always hot -the blue one. I tried to meter the other three wires while operating the fan switch on the micro but could get no voltage out of any of them.


Can any one help me with this project/


thanks in advince



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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

My GE extractor/microwave (doesn't) SUCK either! I have some experience in extraction hoods from my old days in the lab, so I take a piece of plastic wrap and put it over the 'vent' at the top of the microwave.  I also add a piece of foil underneath the microwave on the screen that is NOT above the pot where I am cooking.  This causes the fan to pull ONLY from the screen above my cooking, and not from the vent above the microwave, increasing the flow of air across the cooking surface up and out of the house.   I have a long run of vent pipe above my m-wave, and have also considered installing a "push-pull" system - one fan pulling from near the microwave, and another pushing the extracted air out of the house at the end of the vent.

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Hey, good tip, dorjaq.  Thanks for sharing.  :dude:

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