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brand new frigidaire diswasher doesn't clean

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We are working on fixing up an old home. We bought a brand new frigidaire crown dishwasher. It doesn't clean well at all. I am wondering if we are doing something wrong.(although, how hard is it to put detergent in, shut the door & press a button??)  It leaves a lot of mess on the top shelve and some on the bottom.

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

If this dishwasher is brand new (less than one year), then call for warranty service-- this shouldn't cost you anything.

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One of the most common problems I find on new Frigidaire dishwasher is low water fill level. They put a flow restriction washer under the screen in the water inlet valve. The washer has two very small holes that let water through the valve. These holes are way too small for alot of peoples water supply.

See if the float is raised after the machine fills and starts to wash. If not, you found your problem. These machines only use about 1.7 gallons each fill. If your water level is low, the pump will not keep the system pressurized(it sucks air and loses pressure) and the upper rack will not get clean.

If I was doing the service call, I would enlarge the holes in the flow restriction washer with an icepick or awl. If you take the washer out completely, the valve will make more noise during fill.

Some service guys will not do this, they don't want to risk getting blamed if the machine leaks or overfills.

If you're handy, it's an easy job.

Remove the valve, take note of how things are aligned, take it apart (4 screws) remove the screen, remove the washers, make the holes bigger, put it all back together.

Check for leaks and enjoy.


If you don't get a full charge of water, you get...

1. low wash pressure

2. poor soap performance

3. the heat element will not work as intended, because the water isn't making contact.

4. poor rinsing

5. unhappy customer.


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