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Gibson TL won't drain - not plugged

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At least I don't think it's plugged.  I know that's the most common thing is a small sock or something.  But if I lay the drain hose on the ground or even several inches off the ground, water gushes out. 

It stopped draining a couple of weeks ago and I took the drain hose and tugged on it several times from where it was connected to the washer, and after a second or so I started hearing bubbling and gurgling, it started draining again.

That 'fix' didn't help this time.

The model # is GWX233RHS1

Also, any references on how to get inside the machine for whatever suggestion you might have?  I'm guessing it's just a 'weak' pump maybe?

Also, the spin cycle doesn't look like it's spinning fast enough, BUT to be honest, I haven't washed a load of clothes in years LOL that's the wife's job, uh, I mean.. uh I'm gonna get hit now.... so I don't really know if it's spinning normally or not.


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There is a check valve built into the drain hose. It is common for it to get something stuck inside. They call it a "duckbill", and it can greatly reduce or stop drain water if restricted.

Take the drain hose clear off, and see if you can blow through from the pump end. If it's blocked, you can try to clear the check valve, or just get a new hose.


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