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Kenmore Gas Range - F1 Error - Bad ERC?

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I've got a Kenmore Elite Gas Range (Model # 790.75902991) that is about 5-7 years old. About 4 weeks ago it started beeping and flashing "F1" on the display. Around the time this behavior began we experienced a brief 2-second power outage/surge/anomaly -- though I'm not 100% positive of the timing of that in respect to the start of our range issues.

At that time I was able to hit "Reset" to clear the error code, but after several seconds it would recur. I was eventually able to "fix" the problem by setting the oven to bake immediately after hitting the reset button. After a few minutes I turned off the oven and the error code didn't reappear.

However, in the last few days the problem has popped up once again. This time I am unable to even turn on the oven to perform my "fix". In fact, now several of the buttons on the keypad don't work at all, including the BAKE button and the START button. I've tried leaving the range unplugged for up to an hour, but when I plug it back in the error code returns and the keypad is still only partially functional.

After looking around here and at a couple of other sites Google led me to, all things point to a bad ERC/Electronic Clock Control which will cost about $200.

My first question is: Does this appear to be a valid diagnosis?

If so, is this something that I can tackle on my own? (question #2) I have little to no background in appliance repair, but I am moderately handy. I can wire a light switch and I feel comfortable taking apart a PC. I assume that this will be a unplug and replug type operation. Are there any special tools or knowledge that I need before plunging in? (question #3)

There is some evidence (a receipt tucked into the owner's manual left by the previous homeowner) that this part has failed previously. Is there anything I can do to prevent this type of damage from occurring in the future? (question #4) Does it make sense to use some sort of surge protector for the range?

Any assistance that you can provide would be appreciated. In fact, if I can get this thing fixed without calling in a repairman, I will be more than happy to support the Beer Fund.

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Try unplugging the range for about 15 minutes and maybe the board will re-set itself. The board isn't hard to replace even for a novice as yourself. Before replacing the board try testing the sensor. A power surge protector will help but what I have usually found is that the unit is plugged into a cheater plug and then not grounded. Remember to get the parts here if thats not the problem they can be returned. Repair clinic is the only parts supplier I know of that will do this

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Just wanted to give an update for anyone who's experiencing similar symptoms.

I received the replacement ERC from RepairClinic yesterday. It took me about 30-45 minutes to install it -- definitely could have been done faster, but I was taking extra care and was flummoxed for a bit on getting everything taken apart. Fix was very simple to perform overall.

As soon as I plugged the thing back in I was up and running -- or baking as the case may be.

Thanks for your assistance! Off to donate to the beer fund.

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