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Frigidaire Gallery Gas Dryer Overheating

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Model FSG747GES1 Frigidaire gas dryer continues to overheat despite replacing cycling thermostat and gas solenoids. Venting is clear. Removed vent and ran a load and the air seemed extremely hot although did not register it with a thermometer. It did appear to work for a couple of weeks, maybe more after the aforementioned repairs done. The dryer is almost 7 years old and initially the moisture sensor seemed to work great but that has not worked for years now, I don't know if they are related. When drying, all temperature levels result in scorching of whatever is being dried. Also have the problem that I have seen posted before about clothes getting caught in the front between the door and the "ribs." Is there some sort of switch or control that could be causing the cycling thermostat to go bad? Any help would be appreciated. I am seriously considering a new washer and dryer as this one seems to need a lot of repair work and has been very difficult to diagnose.


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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

The overheating problem and the clothes-eating problem are probably related.  With a bad drum seal, the air flow through the drum is disturbed so the thermostats are not sensing what they should.  You need to replace the front drum felt kit.  This will most likely solve all your problems.

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