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Inglis dryer no heat

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Have an old Inglis electric dryer type 1. I believe they call it, I believe it is 1976 or so, it suddenly stopped putting out heat, I am sure the element was replaced once before and still seems to be in one piece, but tried to test all the other components but not sure if I am doing it right.

It is a G033100 Serial number EA10349, any ideas out there?

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!


Well after taking the timer out and breaking the knob to do it, because I thought that was the problem, I took another look down where the centrifugal switch is and I find a broken wire while poking around, guess that is the problem.

Will let you know later, and thanks for the suggestions.

Mine was a removable centifugal switch, but did not have to remove it, looks like the wire must have been frayed and as it broke it burned off.

So hopefully I just have to make a new wire with connections on it and it will be okay.

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Well took pictures of wiring to be able to put the timer and everything back together, could not get the computer to read camera card,:( so winged it a bit, put the burnt wire I repaired back on to the main power terminal and the other end to the centrifugal switch, then hooked up the timer, and DUH, bright spark:shock: when I plugged machine in, so took a little figuring and got it right this time and dryer is back up and running.:)

Just have to replace the knob I broke, they don't have them anymore, have to go to a recycle place where they repair old stuff.

So thanks for the help, good to know this site is out there, have recommended it to a few now.

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