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Roper (Whirpool) dryer power cord

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My dryer quit blowing hot air (model# REX4634KQ0).  I opened up the back, and saw this on the power cord:    :shock:

Guessing this had something to do with my problem...  This wire looks like it just melted away from from both ends of  the terminal block.  Anyway what I am wondering is - (1) what the heck causes this and (2) do I need to replace that whole set of wires inside  the dryer or can I just strip the melted part off the burned wire and re-connect it to the terminal block without fear of burning down my apartment complex. 

Another link to the image:

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

The cause is usually the installer fails to tighten the screws properly, or  cross threads them. Or, they used an old cord instead of putting a new one on.

Go get part  #279320  (Terminal block kit ) and a new cord.


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