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Guest Adrianjohnm

Kenmore C1108040090 Dryer Auto Fabric Master Turns Off Clothes Still Damp

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I need assistance with this problem.  I have looked for solutions but cannot find any that really matches the problem I have.


On my Kenmore Dryer (Canadian Made Model C1108040090) which has no heat control settings, but with Fabric Master and "Soft Heat", the dryer is starting to shut off to soon, leaving the clothes still damp.  This happens even with the control dial set to the "More Dry" setting.


The timer advances normally, and the timed dry works, as does the Air fluff cycle.  It is only the auto dry not drying properly.


I took the back panel off (after unplugging!!) and vacuumed as much as I could, I also cleaned the vent hose, and vent, and also tried to blow air from my vacuum hose up where the fan is.  Nothing has helped.


Anybody have any ideas?  I was thinking about getting a new dryer soon anyways as this on is Circa 1991.  Is it worth fixing?

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

look at the wiring diagram that is pasted to the rear of the machine- locate the heating element in the diagram,if it is shown as 2 elements (3700w and 1500w),there is a good chance that one half of it is out(failed),leaving you with an insufficient amount of heat- these elements are sold as an assembly,and both can be replaced fairly easily  w/p part #337365

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