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Whirpool fridge. Fridge=block of ice

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2 days ago I found coils to be frozen solid, frost had formed about 1/2 inch thick on back panel into freezer compartment. Fridge compartment was in the 60's.


Pulled the cover that directs air down into the fridge off, and it was completely blocked with ice. I cleared that and cleared about 1/2 of the coil (had to go to work) and plugged it back in. today I had some time so I pulled the entire back panel off and let at it with hair dryer.


I suspect the freezer wasn't sealed.. which resulted in the coils freezing up. If not, i suspect the thermostat or the heater *shrug*. will see.

Questions i have. There 3 styrofome tubes leading to the fridge compartment. one that forces air from the coils down into the fridge (one that was previously blocked). the other two, The one on the left appeared to have aluminum foil blocking it, the one on the right might have.. not sure.

Is there supposed to be alumin foil blocking those? I figured that was how air returned to the coils from the fridge.


Iv'e got the label from inside the fridge..but I can't read half of it..



Mod xT16JMhW00 letter is lower case are guessimications.

year 99

Type 16tfa98

After drying everything out will let you know if i find anything else out.



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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

I suspect you have a defrost problem.  It will freeze back up in a day or 5 until it is repaired.  You will need to see what has failed. 

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