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Removing Whirlpool Duet dryer blower fan?

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I have a Whirlpool Duet dryer, model #GEW9200LWO. I was replacing the rollers because it was squeaking and thumping, and cleaning it up inside when I noticed that the blower fan was very loose. It has a lot of up and down play and there appears to be scrape marks on the back of the housing. I assume it shouldn't be loose. I removed the front of the blower housing to check it out.

There are arrows on the fan for "tighten" and "loosen". If I hold the motor to keep it from turning, the blower rotates freely. Seems like it's not attached to the shaft but I can't pull it off. Turning it in the tighten direction doesn't tighten it, nor does the opposite work.

How can I get this off? Is it supposed to be loose?

Help me please, O Samurai, or one of your dedicated disciples! Like Pegi, who seems to know most everything about appliances from what I read here. Also, it's been raining here in Massachusetts for about a month nonstop and my wife doesn't want to wear wet clothes any longer!


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It sounds like the blower wheel has stripped out.

The blower wheel screws onto the motor shaft, threads are opposite of normal, (Turn clockwise to remove). If when you hold the motor shaft stationary and turn the blower and it just keeps turning in either direction that tells me the metal threaded insert in the plastic blower wheel has stripped out.

You will probably have to use a hammer and break the old blower wheel off. Then you will be able to gain access to the metal insert that is threaded onto the motor shaft with vise grips or channel locks.

Here's the new blower wheel that you will need: CLICK HERE

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