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Costa Mesa

Frigidaire F/L Washer Noisy During Spin Cycle Followup Notes

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Well, I finally tracked down the cause of the loud banging noise during spin cycle...  A sock had worked it's way around the drum and attached itself to the outside of the drum somehow.  I'd pulled the 'coin trap' off the outer tub and looked for something in there with no luck...guess the lil' critter was hiding pretty well up in there.  Yesterday it decided to stop draining and something was in that dern coin trap this time.  Pulled out a nasty old sock that was plenty chewed up.  Have done a few loads of laundry since and the banging is gone.  :whew:  So it turns out that it's not a bearing failure after least not yet.


Thanks to Samurai and his band of merrymakers for all the help! :cool:

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Never know what you'll find once you start poking around and puttin' eyeballs on it!  Thanks for the update!

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