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New Spin on an old problem?

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Sorry, that was my first attempt at appliance humor; I will not do that again.

Ahem, anyway, as stated above I have a Frigidaire Model # FWT647GHS0 Front loader that all of a sudden decided its spin cycle would be better suited to shock test Space Shuttle tiles.  I'm talking an event so loud and house shaking that we though a plane was crashing into our yard.

I have done a lot of research on the issue and have all but concluded that the problem is the tub bearing as mentioned in this excellent thread:

So I went upstairs (this unit is on the second floor of our home) and yanked down the dryer stacked on top and proceeded to inspect the washer.  I removed the back and the belt and started fidgeting with the pulley but there is ZERO play in it.  It's tighter than a ducks arse in winter.

So I threw in some clothes and fired it up.  When it get's to the spin cycle the whole drum starts flying around like were in an earthquake.  I removed some clothes and tried to smooth out the load distribution but it still happens.  If I removed all of the clothes (and the water) the spin cycle is smooth as silk.  If I shake the drum slightly with my hand while spinning I can start to get it to clunk (I realize this is probably a BAD thing to do so even though it was entertaining I stopped once I realized I had this power).

There is no leakage near the bearing or anywhere in this unit. Both springs are intact and the shocks appear to be in tack and damage free as well.

So I am hoping that someone much wiser (and patient) than I can tell me if they would still suspect the bearing or not.  At this point I imagine it's my only option.

Thanks in advance for thinking about my problem.


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Looking down at the top panel of the washer, place your hand at each corner of the NW and SE diagonal and attempt to rock the washer. Repeat for the NE and SW diagonal. If there's any play in either diagonal, that's the problem. You'll need to adjust the levelling feet distribute the washer's weight evenly among them.

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