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Guest DavAngela

Hot Point dryer not heating

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We've got Hotpoint dryer (model # NLLR113EV0WW). About 6-8 months ago, we replaced the heating element coils (one of the coils was broken in one spot), and our dryer was happy again. Yesterday, we returned home to find our dryer still running 3 hours after it had been started, and there was no heat.

I took the drum out today, and once again, the coil is bad, but this time, the inner and outer coils are broken in the exact same spot.

Before I just order another restring kit, should I consider replacing the entire heating element? The current element doesn't look terrible, but 50% of the white clips that hold the coils in place have what appear to be burn marks.

Could it be that I'd streched the coils too much in that spot, and they eventually bumped into each other?

Domo arigato...

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Either would be fine but if your ceramics are broken might have to order the whole element/canister.  The coils have to be strung even and tight or they will not last long, as you have found out.  Check all of the ceramics before you decide....if they are ok, save money by getting just the coil and be more careful stringing them.  :)

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None of the ceramics are broken, so I'll just go with the restring kit. Now if only we could remember where we ordered them from last time (got them the next day!). Somewhere in Alabama, I think....

Oh well, thanks Pegi.

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