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Kenmore diswasher

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I have a Kenmore dishwasher a little over 1 year old, mod #

665.17369301, ser# FR3015658.

It appears water is not going to the upper spray arm as crumbs on small plates on top rack are not disturbed in any wash cycle. Water fills to heating element.Its a quiet unit so its hard to tell just hopw are the water is spraying from bottom arm.

Any thoughts as where to look for problem?

Thank You

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

This is a Whirlpool dishwasher with the kenmore name on it so cannot get much information.  There is a service pointer from W.P. about not cleaning well on the top racks on the W.P. Gold Tall Tubs but do not know if this pertains to your unit or not.  Might be worth reading this..You would of course have to replace parts according to your model number...Again, cannot tell if this pertains to your unit or not since there is no way to cross Sears products to the makers of everything they sell, we can only see who makes it, not cross each model number   :(


[align=left]Models: GU1200XT, GU1500XT, GU2300XT[/align]

[align=left]Serial Code Range: Prior to FL48[/align]


[align=left]Customer complains of grit on glasses, poor washability[/align]

[align=left]and/or food re-deposited on glasses in the upper rack,[/align]

[align=left]especially in the corners.[/align]



[align=left]The upper spray arm is not allowing water to be directed[/align]

[align=left]to the corners of the rack, especially if glasses are loaded[/align]

[align=left]in an upright position.[/align]

[align=left]The upper rack spray arm has been redesigned to improve[/align]

[align=left]water spray to all corners of the upper rack. Order[/align]

[align=left]and install upper rack spray arm, Part Number 8269024.[/align]

[align=left]NOTE: Poor washability may be caused by a number of[/align]

[align=left]conditions, such as improper loading, water temperature/[/align]

[align=left]water level too low, detergent/rinse aid dispenser not[/align]

[align=left]working properly, etc. It is important to check these other[/align]

[align=left]conditions along with the spray arm replacement.[/align]



[align=left]April 2002[/align]

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check on the bottom of the upper rack and make sure that there is a fluted shaped tube running from the middle spray arm to its mating surface at the back of the tub-the upper spray arm is simply a round disc on the ceiling of the unit,about the size of a canadian dollar. have seen many of the tubes that run fron the middle arm to the back "go south"  w/p has redesigned this peice si it is 1 solid peice and thus the rubber tube cannot fall out.

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