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Celia King

Old Maytag Washer ... just ain't what she used to be

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I was just given a Maytag washer (vintage 1972).  Since I had previously had zero washers, this was an upgrade, I hope.

Anyhoo ... we attached everything up as best as we know how, and turned the buggar on.  After taking the front panel off, we could see that water was going into the washer, but was not filling up.  As we took it apart, we could see that most of it was going into the tub, through the pump, and right out of the drain.

Three questions for the mighty samurai, and his minions:

1) What normally should keep the water from flowing through the pump? 

2)  We need to fix a connection in the back of the washer, but can't figure out how to do this.  How do we access the back part of the washer?  We have taken the control panel off, but can't figure it out.

3)  Should we really even be trying to salvage this washer that was made the same year that I was?

Anxiously awaiting your help,


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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

I would imagine you need to check the position of the drain hose?  The end has to be higher than the water level of the washer when full and there has to be an air gap between the hose and the drain or the sewer system could syphen the water out as fast as it goes into the washer.   Also be sure the drain hose is not pushed way down into the standpipe, will suck the water right out of that washer.  If this does not resolve your determined to remain empty washer, please let us know.  I suppose it could be haunted.....nah....probably not.....;)

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