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sqeak! squeak! wp dryer

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This may be two problems...

My 10 Year old Westinghouse dryer ( WDG546RB ) has recenly began to SQEAK very loudly, then stops for a while then SQEAKS loudly again ( I think it may do so in the cool down phase ? )

Also, sometimes I hear a distinct light "chafing" sound. I have noticed that the drum is very "tight" agains the upper "felt seal" thingy of the dryer, and not as tight on the bottom...(actually I think this is the source of the chafing" )

Finally, I think the dryer was off balance for quite a while before I noticed I'm not sure what damage that may have done..

Anyhow, for reading online I'm confugsed if this is most likely the "drum glides" or the "rear drum bearing" ( or both! ).



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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Probably the idler or the drum rear center bearing.  You can check the idler from the panel in back of the dryer.  Unstring the belt and give the idler wheel a spin.  Should spin smooth and freely, no chatteriing or binding. 

If the idler is good, then you'll need to replace the rear center bearing.  Disassembly help here:

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