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lg DLG3788W gas dryer lp converter

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 I need to install the LP converter for this dryer, and I have the part. I just can't figure out how to get this puppy open <grin>

I've searched the forums for this particular question and I could only find an answer for another model number. This answer stated to take the top of and then the front. The top was no problem to remove, but does anyone know how to remove the front?


I also looked at the link to but LGs aren't listed. Any help would be much appreciated!!


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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Looks like have to take the console off, the bar that holds the console then the screws that hold the front to the case sides..

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Thanks for the reply!

I figured it out while I was waiting for an answer.

Step by step instructions with pictures:

First remove 6 screws on the back of the dryer that hold the top on.



Next remove the two screws located in top front corners that hold the front panel on


Then CAREFULLY pry down the releasing tabs. Go easy, as these can break off (Don't you know I did just that on furthest right corner<grin>;)

Then disconnect front panel wiring harnesses. These are color coded, so they will be simple to replace.


Now you can get to the four screws that hold the front panel on. Remove those.


Release dryer door wiring harness





Conversion kit goes in bottom right side.



I circled the white plastic "change screw". I had a heck of a time getting that to turn (I think it may have had loctite on it?) I finally had to loosen the uppermost brass nut so that I could get a pair of pliers on the flatter part of the plastic screw to break the seal. A flat blade screwdriver as per LG's instructions was just stripping the slot. Once the seal was broken, the screwdriver worked just fine.

I hope these instuctions help someone else!

Thanks again.


PS..Pegi..I couldn't figure out how to edit the title of my original post so that I could mention that we now have instructions and pictures. Is that possible to do?



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